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Convergence to the Mean

  1. Oct 7, 2007 #1
    Convergence in the Mean. I attached a picture of a handwritten proof cuz I don't know how to use Latex and there is too much hullabaloo to type it out without the notation.

    I'm wondering if my proof is legit - i make the size of 1/n be less than epsilon/kM....i'm not sure....hmmmmmmm, I think it's fine though because that k is fixed.

    Let me know if my proof is satisfactory.

    a .jpg file is attached with the proof.

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    "n > 2kM/e" would be more direct than the reciprocals.
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    so it's correct?
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    I looked at it quickly and didn't see any obvious errors.
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    can someone please take a serious look at this and tell me whether or not the proof is fine?
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