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Conversion help please

  1. Jan 6, 2010 #1

    My name is Michael, and I have been working out some stuff which is to do with my boat, Hartley TS16. I have worked out the boats sail drive in different wind speeds etc. and have done so in KGF. Is there any way which I can convert this force into speed? I also have worked out relevant drag coefficients for relative wind speeds and lee heel.

    I have a spreadsheet with all the details (no forumals etc. just data), if it would help I can send that to a few people.

    If so, could someone please help me convert the following forces into speed (m/s, km/h is fine) - listen in kgf and lb, for your convenience

    (kgf) (lb)
    3 | 7
    7 | 28
    20 | 44
    29 | 64
    39 | 86
    51 | 113
    68 | 149
    83 | 184
    71 | 156
    82 | 180
    92 | 204

    Anyway just to solve curiosity this is the boat:

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    This is not a mathematics question, it is a physics question so I am moving it.

    Nice boat, by the way. I am tempted to suspect that you posted this question just to show off the boat!
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