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Conversion help please.

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    I am new here and don't know if this is appropriate so let me know. I am not an engineer and no formal training other than a few Physics classes in college many years ago. I do however have a high mechanical aptitude and have always done some personalization of machines. Eg. I put a lawn mower engine on my bicycle at age 10. etc.

    I am now attempting to modify a 1958 Corvette Rochester Ramjet fuel injection to run on a different engine. The item I need help with is the means of powering the high pressure pump. Originally it it mechanically driven via a flex cable attached to a special distributor.

    Since the engine is not going to exceed 6000 RPM and the cam speed is 1/2 the speed of the crankshaft, I will need to find a suitable 12VDC motor that is capable of up to 3000 RPM.

    I do not know how much torque/power it will take to turn the gear pump that it will attach to but a greater concern it that it will operate in an environment that consistently exceeds 200° F. It does not need to be variable speed as the flow is controlled by a mechanical bypass value in the fuel reservoir.

    I would appreciate any help on pointing me in the right direction, who I might talk to etc.
    Thanks for your time.

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