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Conversion of energy to mass?

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    For this we need to imagine a detector and 4 light/energy sources
    Source 1 fixed say 1 light second away from detector
    S2 moving away from detector at 0.5c
    S3 moving toward at 0.5c
    S4 moving toward at c

    Taking a line at the fixed source and assuming all the moving sources cross the line at the same instant and at that instant all 4 sources are switched on pointing at the detector and assuming 10 wavelengths per second and wavelength (λ) x energy = hc

    1 all beams will reach the detector at the same time
    2 all beams will emit the same number of waves
    3 the beam from S2 will be detected with a λ 1.5 x S1 and energy approx 0.8 S1
    4 the beam from S3 will be detected with a λ 0.5 x S1 and twice the energy
    5 the beam from S4 will be detected as a point like particle, 0 λ, with energy of 10hc.

    This seems to infer that initial wavelength/energy is dependant on initial distance between source and detector and final wavelength/energy is dependant on final distance between source and detector.

    I believe that the above is consistant with laws of physics but would welcome any comments.
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