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Homework Help: Conversion question?

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    I have never been good at doing this in physics so I want to make sure I'm doping this right. The question asks:

    What units would result from each of the following calculations?

    a) 3cm/s x 25s
    b) 4m2 ÷ 6s
    c) 15m/s2 x 2s
    d) 5m/s ÷ 3s
    e) 3g ÷ 2cm3
    f) 1.6kg/m2 ÷ 4m

    This are what I think are the answers for some:

    a) cm/s2
    c) m/s3

    The division ones I really I'm not sure. Please help.
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    Ok with these it helps if you can turn the units into algebraic quantities and deal with them in that manner. So for part a) we have a length [L] divided by a time [T] then multiplied by a time [T]

    can you simplify: [tex]\frac{[L]}{[T]} \times [T][/tex]
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