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Conversion rate

  1. Jul 19, 2011 #1
    I had x particle. After 5 second due to conversion it came down (x-4) particle. Now, how do i calculate conversion rate/sec?
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    you cant determine the conversion rate with just reading.. chances are there of going wrong, if its an exponential or depending upon the initial quantity. othrewise its normal way (-4 particle /second)
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    The best you can do is find the average rate of change over 5 seconds by dividing by 5 seconds: the net change was -4 particles in 5 seconds so the average rate of change is -4/5 particles per second.

    If you have reason to think the rate of change is constant, then it is -4/5 particles per second.

    (I think abluphoton miswrote and meant "-4 particles/ 5 seconds" which is -4/5 particles per second.)
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    correction i should have told [-4/5 particle per second]
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