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Conversion types of chemistry

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    can we use some conversion types of chemistry in electrical. Lke in chemistry we used to calculate that if mass of 50g require 500ml of water to dissolve then mass of 10g requires = (500*10)/50 . similarly can we use the same tecnique to find some electrical quantities for example dielectric of strength of air is 30 kv/cm which means for 1cm gap of air 30 kv can be applied w/o breakdown so if i calclute the same for 0.8 cm as (30k*0.8)/1 will it be right or wrong....
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    Welcome to PF.
    Many fields of science share the same mathematical description.
    Unfortunately the two you suggest, chemical solubility and the breakdown voltage of a gas, are not good analogues.
    The breakdown voltage of air is determined by pressure. Paschen curve.

    The breakdown does not always occur in a straight line, it can take a curved path, called an “arc”.
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    That's an application of a direct proportionality (or ratios). It has nothing to do with chemistry, you just learned it during a chemistry course. Shame on those teaching you, it is a basic math, and math lessons is where you should be shown how to do such things.
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    thanks for your concern. i got it know.
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