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Convert DC into AC?

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    I know 2 simple ways to convert AC into DC: Wheatestone bridge with diode is one

    the other is increasing the number of loops in magnetic field in DC power generation.

    Is there a simple way to convert DC into AC? I suppose a motor could spin a loop of wire without a commutator in a magnetic field so that the loop of wire outputs AC but are there any more simple ways?

    Another idea is a piezoelectric crystal with conductor on it vibrating in a magnetic field when dc current is applied to it?

    I appreciate any responses
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    What kind of AC? A simple square wave is easy, an approximation to a sine wave is more difficult.
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    Can you tell me how both are formed?
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    Back in the days before solid state electronics we used vibrator power supplies to convert 12V DC to AC to operate mobile radios. There is also an apparatus called a dynamotor which is a combination of a DC motor and an AC generator these were used a lot by the military and during the 50s and 60s could be found in surplus stores. My Dad had a very small one that ran on 12V DC and would put out 110V AC that he used to run an electric shaver when we went camping. Now days there are many inverters on the market. I use a Magnum that puts out a pure sine wave at 24V DC in and 120/240V AC out rated at 4000 watts continuous as part of my solar power system.
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    awesome, thanks for the cool information.
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