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Convert Kgcm to nm

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    We got 1.28 Kgcm

    we turn cm to meter 128kgm

    Then we turn it in to newton then we get about 1280NM

    Problem is that i get some indication that this is wrong... is it?

    (how do i get ride of overlay in explorer :grumpy: )
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    What's NM? And Kg m (or more generally Mass.Length) is not dimensionally the same as a Newton(Mass.Length.Time^-2).
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    It looks like one is trying to develop a moment and force or torque?

    If 1.28 Kgcm = 1.28 kg-cm, then multiply by 1 m / 100 cm to to get 0.0128 kg m.

    As neutrino pointed out, kg is a unit of mass and Nt (or N) is a unit of force.

    1 kg * 9.8 m/s2 = 9.8 kg-m/s2 = 9.8 Nt or

    0.102 kgf = 1 Nt.

    For units conversion, here is a nice reference -

    http://www.projects.ex.ac.uk/trol/scol/ccforce.htm for force

    In general - http://www.projects.ex.ac.uk/trol/scol/index.htm
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    I am not intrsted in what to do, i am intrested in what i am doing wrong, you say that 1kgcm is 0.01kgm, i don't get that. It is a torque for a motor.
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    This is a conversion of unit problem.

    I was simply pointing out the to convert a length in cm to a length in meters, one multiplies by the a factor which relates the two.

    for example 1 cm = 0.01 m, or 1 m = 100 cm. The conversion factor can be 0.01 m/cm or 100 cm/m.

    If a torque is written in kgf-cm and one wishes to convert it to kgf-m, then one must multiply by 1 m/100 cm, and one will get

    1 kgf-cm * 1 m/ 100 cm = 0.01 kgf-m.
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