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C/++/# [Convert Matlab code into C++]

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    anyone help me to convert this sample code of Gaussian Cone shape of random number code in Matlab into C++

    Code (Matlab M):

    function GaussianCone
        clear all; clc;

        mx=10000; my=mx; mz=mx;


        sigma=0.01; R=0.5; mu=0;

        x=zeros(mx,1); y=zeros(my,1);

        for i=1:mx
            x(i)=normrnd(mu, sigmax(i));

        for j=1:my
            y(j)=normrnd(mu, sigmay(j));


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    You have graphics in your code, so you're going to need some kind of c++ graphics library to make the conversion complete. The c++ standard itself does not address graphics. I'd suggest learning to use Qt, which is dual licensed (commercial and open source, with some restrictions on open source usage).

    You also have normally distributed random numbers in your code. C++11 (and later releases) has very nice random number generation capabilities. You'll want to take advantage of those. For example, see http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/numeric/random/normal_distribution.
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    Your code could be simplified in MATLAB first. There is no reason to ever issue a clear all command as the first line of a function in MATLAB, because there is nothing to clear in the function's workspace except any input arguments (when passed).

    Code (Text):

    function GaussianCone

    mx = 10000;
    my = mx;
    mz = mx;
    z = (1:mz)';
    sigma = 0.01;
    R = 0.5;
    mu = 0;
    sigmax = sigma+R*z;
    sigmay = sigma+R*z;
    x = normrnd(mu,sigmax);
    y = normrnd(mu,sigmay);
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