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Convert to STC

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    I have got a rather large data set and no matter how hard i look i cant find any equations to convert the data back to STC, i have both AC and DC power, all the currents and voltages and all the data sheets for the equipment. if someone could please help me find an equation to help it would be much appreciated.
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    Welcome to PF.
    I'm sure there is someone who can help you, but we don't like guessing.

    What is STC ?
    How big is rather large, Megabyte ?
    What is the data/file format ?
    Can you post your data as an attached file ?
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    Hi Baluncore,

    STC stands for Standard Test Conditions, the global standard is an irrandiance of 1000W/m^2 and a temperature of 25C.

    My data set is recorded solar data and about 700Mb worth but you should be able to do it for a data single point.

    For example;

    I could have an AC output of 20kW with an irrandiance of 800W/m^2 and a temperature of 36C, the idea is to find out what that AC power value will be at the standard test conditions of 1000W/m^2 and 25C. I need this value so i can then plot the year of points on a chart and draw conclusions about the data and make them comparable to other data sets that already exist.

    I have looked everywhere and read every book i have and nowhere does it specifically state how to actually do the conversion, just that it should be done.

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