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Converting ang. freq to freq

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    I need to convert the following equation |H(w)|^2 to |H(f)|^2 where w is the angular frequency and f is the frequency.

    Also: f0 = (2pi*f0)/fs ; f=(2pi*f)/fs ; f0, fs, G and R are known

    http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/556/snapshot20070324161921cy8.gif [Broken]

    I tried putting w and w0 in terms of f and then replacing them into the above equation, but it's not coming out right. I need to graph this function from 0 to 5kHz.

    Any ideas?
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    What do you mean it's not coming out right? Can you post the complete description to the problem? Is R a resistance? Why are you using f as a function of a sampling frequency?
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    This isn't a specific homework problem. It's part of a lab i have to do. R is a type of coeffcient. It's a constant. H(f) is a transfer function which I need to take the magnitude squared and graph it against f. I'm given H(w) but I need to graph H(f), that's what I am having trouble with; going from H(w) -> H(f)
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    Hmmm, equations are correct. Post the image of the transfer function that you've written above and the result you're expecting. Since you have a frequency discretization, I'm assuming you've worked your way to this function via z-transform, post it as well. Or Just post the whole labwork-page.
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