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Converting cellphone to tablet

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    Hello everyone, I'm sort of bummed that no one seems to be doing anything with their old cell phones, so I thought swapping a 4in LCD screen on a cellphone with a 10-12in one off the internet would be a unique project that I could document for other interested people. The problem is that I lack the necessary EE knowledge and experience to do it on my own. I was hoping an EE on here would find such a project interesting, and sort of guide me along the project. I figure my old Samsung Droid Charge (i510) would make a good donor cellphone.
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    Swapping out for a bigger display (Assuming you could find a compatible one) would only give you bigger pixels. Kind of like digital zoom on a camera. The bigger it gets, the worse it looks. You couldn't increase the number of pixels because that is "baked in" to the video drivers.

    You would need to find a display with a compatible interface (same connector pins, etc).

    Unless you are willing to develop custom software for the phone (possible for android). But even that would be a waste since the older phones have less powerful processors.

    There are projects to turn old android phones into security cameras, etc.

    And lots of other ideas.


    Android phones can be usefull computers since the the OS is open source and they are easily messed with. I can't say how easily since I have not actually programmed one yet.
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