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Converting cm^4 into m^4

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    I need to know how to convert cm4 to m4

    I have 92644cm4 and want it in m4

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    Do you know how to convert cm to m?

    cm2 to m2?
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    yes but my teacher says when its m^4 its different than if its just m?
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    It is.

    You have to convert each cm into m...
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    That's why I asked not only about converting cm to m, but also about converting cm2 to m2...
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    100 cm = 1 m
    so (100 cm)2 = 10,000 cm2 = (1 m)2 = 1 m2

    And so on until you figure out how many cm4 are in 1 m4 (1 "quartic" meter).
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