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Homework Help: Converting from Grams to moles

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    If I have BaCl2 *2H2O how does that come to 8.46507394x10-3

    Here is the question:
    A common laboratory experiment involves the analysis of a mixture of BaCl2 and BaCl2 *2H2O. you are given a white powder that is a mixture of these compounds and are asked to determine the weight percent of each. you find that 1.392g of the mixture has a mass of 1.087g after heating it to drive off all of the water present.
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    In general - it doesn't, and what you wrote doesn't make sense. 8.46507394x10-3 of what? Cows? Marbles? mph? mpg? Stones per week?

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    Hint: why did the sample get lighter?
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