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Converting ml/gal to gal/ml

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    good afternoon,
    good day,

    is there some logic to assuming that ml/gal is the
    exact same thing as gal/ml assuming that you are
    dealing with 1 Liter in both ratios?

    thank you so much

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    It makes about as much sense as assuming that 50 $/hour is the same as 50 hour/$. I have nothing against working for $50 per hour, but even in Chinese sweatshops they don't work 50 hours per $1.
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    I'm not really sure what you're trying to do, but given that 1 gallon is ~ 3.75 liters (approximately - you will want to check for a more exact conversion factor), you will need to use the appropriate relationship depending on what you're trying to convert based on your dimensional analysis.

    For example, let's convert 10 liters into gallons.

    10 liters * (1 gallon/3.75 liters) = 2.67 gallons

    On the other hand, let's convert 10 gallons into liters.

    10 gallons * (3.75 liters/1 gallon) = 37.5 liters

    The relationship of 1 gallon ~ 3.75 liters holds in both cases, but in one case, gal/L is used, while L/gal is used in the other.
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