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Homework Help: Converting Radians

  1. Sep 28, 2006 #1
    If I was given 477 rev/min and I need to convert to radians, I would use:

    477rev (2*pi radians/1 rev) = 2997.07 radians

    Question is do I need to divide by 60 to get radians/second instead of minutes?
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    Andrew Mason

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    rev/minute does not convert to radians. It converts to units of angle/time. So it converts to radians/minute (which you correctly show as [itex]2\pi *477 = 2997 rad/min[/itex] or 3000 rad/min. using 3 significant figures) or radians/sec. It is then a simple matter to convert your answer in radians/min to radians/sec.

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