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Converting stresses

  1. Apr 26, 2007 #1
    Is it possible to convert the tangential stress around a circular hole into x-y co-ordinates or vice-versa? and if so, how?

    basically, i have results in sigma xx and sigma yy for certain points along the circumference from an FEM package, which need to be compared with analytical values. the analytical values, calculated using the formula found in Peterson's Stress Concentration Factors, give the tangential stress. how can i compare these.

    any help appreciated... thanks in advance
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    remember that a stress is a tensor,
    but of course any tensor can be converted to another system of coordinate,
    by the tensor transformation rules which are very similar to those for a vector
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    thanks for that, but how does one go about doing this for this case?
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    Look up Mohr's circle, in any strength of materials textbook.
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