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Homework Help: Converting units

  1. Aug 5, 2006 #1
    I'm confused when it comes to converting units. Ok here's a problem, what is 70 µm in meters? kilometers? I know that one µ equals 10^-6 so does that mean 70 µm = 0.000070m? I did 70.0 and counted forward 6 decimal places to get my answer. But I don't think I did it right. How would I do kilometers? It says that kilo equals 10^3. Would it be 70000?
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    That is correct. You can avoid writing the 0 at the end 0.000070 = 0.00007

    Nope. You have to convert 70µm to kilometres.

    70µm = 0.00007m = 0.00007 x 10-3 Km (note that the 10-3 and Kilo cancel each other)
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    Ohh I see! So that would make it 0.00000007km? Thanks! xD Also is volume found by l*w*h? (length)(width)(height)?
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    That is correct.
    That's true for a cuboid. You may have to resort to other formulae/methods to find the volumes of other 3d objects.
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