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    I need to convert a value in cm^3s^-1 to litres per second. I know that 1 litre=10^-3m^3

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    Could someone please help?
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    1 cm³ = how many m³? What's the relationship between cm and m?
  4. 1cm^3 = 100m^3

  5. mgb_phys

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    Nope think about it, 1cc is a suger cube, 100m^3 is an apartment!

    If there are 100cm in a metre then there are 100cmx100cm in 1mx1m and 100cm*100cm*100cm = in a m^3

    You question is a little simpler, there are 1000cm^3 in a litre by definition so 1cm is 1/1000 L
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    Let's see....a cubic centimeter is about the size of a sugar cube, while 100 cubic meters would hold enough water to sustain a person for about 10 I'm gunna say NO to that guess...

    Start with something simpler: 1m=___cm?
  7. so 1cm^3 = 1/10^-3 m^3 ?
    I still am not sure how to do the qu...
  8. dx

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    1 cm³ = (1 cm) x (1 cm) x (1 cm) = (1 x 10-2 m) x (1 x 10-2 m) x (1 x 10-2 m) = 1 x 10-6
  9. Mark44

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    This--cm^3s^-1--is very hard to read. If you click the Go Advanced button just below the text entry box, a menu bar is displayed. One of the buttons there is X2. If you click it, you can enter an exponent between the SUP and /SUP tags.

    At the very least, put a space between the two units and put parentheses around the -1.

    Yours: cm^3s^-1
    Better: cm3 s-1 or cm3 /s
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