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Convolution Code and Error Correcting Capability

  1. Jun 22, 2005 #1
    I have posted this question in the EE subforum, but so far, I got no response. Maybe I will have some luck here, since this is related to algebraic coding theory and probability...

    Here is the post:

    Anyone know how to calculate the error correcting capability for a convolution code? My boss basically is giving me pressure to come up some answer by the end of this week... I won't have time to read things deep...
    My first question is: For a particular convolution code with a rate k/n, is there a fixed number e of errors that the code can correct and that when the number of errors exceed e, the code cannot be corrected? Does the number of error correctable depend on the location the error occurs? (e.g. will it be the case that a convolution code can correct 3 errors that occur far apart from each other, but cannot correct 3 errors that are next to each other?)

    Please let me know asap, thanks. It will be a frustrating week.... :frown:
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