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Cook a sausage simply by plugging it into mains electric

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    I just watched a video (here: http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=Electric-Sausage) in which someone attempts to test the myth that you can cook a sausage simply by plugging it into mains electric.
    Have you ever made any attempt to scientifically test a silly myth, or conducted an amature science experiment in your own home simply out of curiosity/for amusement. How did it work out?
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    The Barbie/toaster, I had heard this was really dangerous for kids making breakfast.

    Take naked Barbie and toaster to middle of driveway. Put Barbie in a normal{med setting} toaster. With in 2 minutes, smoke starts to emerge. With in 4 minutes, small flames. At 6 minutes we had flames 4 feet high.
    Notes..Malibu Barbie produced flames in 3 minutes
    At no time did the auto pop-up actually fling burning Barbie into the air.
    polyester clothing caused a "flash over" effect
    Blonds do not burn faster then redheads

    Do not try this at home, this was a controlled experiment with a safety crew
    {one guy holds a bucket of sand, another the garden hose}
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    I heard that a woman got the winning lotto numbers from an out of body experience.

    Well, since I am a skeptic who has some scuccess with lucid dreaming and OBE, I thought I'd test her claim. Took me a few days, finally found myself by the ceiling, demanded the day's lotto picks - got them, bought my ticket -

    No luck. Ended up one dollar poorer.
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