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Cooker broke, how to cook chicken

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    there has been a power cut and i can not get my cooker to work, the blasted thing is stuck in auto which only gives a few minutes cook time, i have tried rebooting it and booting it but the thing remains on auto, i have tried every combination of button pressing with no luck, i am starving hungry what the dickens do i have to do to get this thing to cook for me?
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    Until you figure it out, just put your food in and stand around pushing the button every time that it shuts off. Your food will eventually get cooked.
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    Fat lot of good you guys are, i would hate to have to rely on you if an H bomb needed
    defusing in a hurry, Smile.

    I had some bread n cheese to quell my hunger.
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    That's exactly the problem I had with my furnace last week. It would heat fine, but when it reached temp. it would shut off and then not shut on again. Every morning when I got up on 60F I'd go down and turn it on manually, every afternoon when I got home from work, and every night before going to bed.
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    Is that an electric cooker? How bizarre. Go start a fire in the garden and boil up some food that way. Assuming you have a garden. :smile:

    Ever thought of buying some cupasoups or pot noodles or boil in a bag type things and using your kettle to boil them. Saying that I love cold beans, so I'd just eat some beans or something, or go over the shop and buy a pasty, but then I live 20 yards from a shopping precinct.
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    Well i am sure i will not become a paraffin lamp, if i cook some thing it has to be edible,
    Pasty is just nasty and cold beans?

    It is an electric cooker a product from beelzebub, but i inherited it, may be i need a vicar to control it.
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