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  1. If you are writing a paper perhaps this might be useful to bounce around words. It's a dictionary and a thesaurus that connects words in a visual way:
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    Thanks for this waht.
  4. Hey that's cool. Nice find waht :)
  5. I love the physics of it, it's sort of like protein folding. It didn't seem very practical or useful in any context to me, though...not enough associations, and it couldn't really be navigated. I guess I was expecting something that would allow you to dynamically travel through the relationships instead of just seeing 1 static graph with a small handful of associations...most of which are just different parts of speech of the input word..
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    I found it strangely appropriate that when I opened it, the subject was 'indecency'. I'm as indecent as I can get away with whenever possible. :biggrin:
  7. That is useful. :smile: Helps you grasp the idea/concept of words better, or conceptualize.
  8. I guess it depends on the word you use. I got "rap" as a random pick and the number of associations was pretty big. Still no navigation that I could tell. You can interact with it though.
  9. You can pan and zoom.
  10. If you hover over one of the nodes it will show a bit more info. Also you can "grab" one of the nodes and move the thing around by it though I haven't figured out the use of it other than to maybe untangle it a bit or to just mindlessly shake it around.
  11. sometime the words go off the screen and you can't move to where they are so you just move them to where you are :) cause when you zoom out to see the words it's hard to make out the details.

    Woah NVM that you can click the background and drag to move around... never noticed that before.
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