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Cool Footage of Steam Airplane

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    Here 'tis:

    Enjoy! :wink:
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    Love the music!!!
    Engine reveral was a neat feature.
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    That's a point I wanted to make on another thread started by some guy who had a question about reversing gears, but I couldn't find the thread. I wanted to use this as an example of an engine that doesn't require a reversing gear in the drive train, as reverse action in a steam engine can be generated just by stopping the engine, clearing out any live steam from the piston, and then redirecting the initial live steam input into the HP cylinder valve opening opposite that which takes the initial input for forward operation. On my model steam engine (a Wilesco D456), I accomplish this simply by closing the main steam stop until the engine shuts down, and then reopening it and then manually spinning the flywheel in the direction opposite that required for forward motion.
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    Couldn't make any of that work on my computer, as I have a Mac, not PC.

    Thanks, anyways!
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    Nice find!
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