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Cool new research on pain

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    Through my casual surfing of news sites I've come accross this article, and I thought that it's really cool. For those of us who were curious as to why a little bit of heat can help reduce pain:


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    and If I am in severee pain, how am I going to heat up a watter bottle? :P
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    A fascinating story that could potentially benefit many.

    Unfortunately this approach is not going to be promoted by the usual carriers of medical progress e.g. the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors waiting for a commission.
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    If this is true then manufactuers of chemical heat bags should be quids in.
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    There is nothing really new for me.
    There are many papers that say the contrary and many proves that heat is maintenaing chronic pain states.
    It works by masking C fibres messages but it is better to understand why the message is sent and how to stop the cause.
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