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Homework Help: COOL Question plZzZ Help?

  1. Jan 24, 2005 #1
    How many people could fit into the largest office building in the world? Assume that everybody must be standing on the floor. :rolleyes:

    Very Cool Question but its kinda hard. i've looked up the largest office building which is the Pentagon! however i don't know the area of that place :S and the area of a person is about 1 ft^2 or 2 ft^2
    this question is due in an hour ! urgent help

    Thank you
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    There's nothing too hard about it except finding the obscure statistic, which you can do on your own with the help of google. If you are still confused then, we can help you out.
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    you know what i've tried all those :P but the last thing i tried to do is think of it logically, how many people can possible be in a building. hundreds, thousands, millions, or billions! and out of those i chose thousands which was wrong, then Millions !! which is CORRECT!
    so i guess approximating how many guys can stand up in the pentagon ... will be in the MILLIONS ! ;) :P

    Thank you very much
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