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Coolest middle/high school ever

  1. Aug 25, 2013 #1


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    This is just in the late planning stage, but it sure looks like the coolest high school ever: Proof School.

    It looks like they have some serious, high-powered folks involved. Starts up for students in September, 2015 in San Francisco. Why wasn't there one of these when I was going to school?
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    There are no specifics on the curriculum and it is only for math. I already don't like it.

    When a superior curriculum available to all students of any discipline is available to the middle and highschool students Ill be impressed. I firmly believe education in the USA in fundamentally flawed on many levels. A school for those only interested is math (that probably costs a fortune) wont change anything.
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    If they had an English department, maybe they could fix the capitalization.
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    I certainly hope they get an Engineering department before they try to build the school
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    A flag goes up for me when I hear about something like this.

    I mean, it may be a good idea, but as a parent I can't help but wonder about the end product such a school would produce. The "3+ hours of higher math each day" sounds great - for those students who truly love mathematics and will undoubtedly respond well in such an environment.

    But I'm a strong believer in general education, particularly prior to university.

    I can't remember how many hours of instruction one gets in high school... six maybe. That mean that roughly half of each student's time will be spent on higher level mathematics. But what are they giving up in order to do that? Are you running the risk of creating a graduating class that can solve partial differential equations - something that most of them would otherwise learn in university (and many will still have to sit through anyway) - but haven't been introduced to Shakespear, or don't understand how the second world war resulted from the first world war because they've never studied history, or who can't change the oil in their own cars because they've never taken autoshop... I'm sure you get the idea.

    I don't want to rain on anyone's parade. A school or program like this may be just what's needed to keep kids motivated and focused who would otherwise quit school entirely due to a lack of challenge.

    But part of high school involves learning how to deal with those subjects that aren't quite as stimulating as those you really love. Some loves are an acquired taste.
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    There isn't enough information up right now to make assumptions about what the school will really offer. It could be a great thing as an extra-curricular for students who are really interested in mathematics, and could help them get the math education that north america doesn't really offer. That being said, it could be a great thing. But there really isn't enough information available right now.
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