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Coolest thing with a 555

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    I have just designed a brake/blinker system using high intensity LEDs and a 555 timer and it gave me an idea for a post:
    What's the coolest thing you've done using a 555 timer?
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    On work experience as boy i made a Variable speed blinking LED display with an offensive message. And i placed it above the bosses office door for giggles.
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    I made an automatic car starter with a monostable 555. At the touch of a button it would crank the engine over for 3 seconds unless it started sooner, in which case it would stop cranking. Pretty click and neat !
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    I made a narrow band frequency detector by using 2 555s as missing pulse detectors.
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    Like The car starter, I made an adjustable jacobs later using an ignition coil
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    I know nothing of electronics, but I did once use a chip that looked very much like a 555 to prop up the short leg of my draughting table. Does that count? :confused:
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