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Cooling industrial room.

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    Can anyone give me a formula for calculating the energy needed in cooling a room?
    The room has to be at 10c maximum, regardless of outside temperature.
    as there are several rooms all with differing volumes, can a formula for
    1000 cubic meters be used.
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    Unless there is something a lot simpler about your question than I realize, there is no simple formula for this. Heat gain through walls is a complicated animal. You may be able to get by using the demo version of CHVAC for such a small project.

    However, when you say "industrial rooms", there is a chance that you can get a simple estimate that will get you close enough: If the rooms are well isolated from the outside and get no ventilation and the heat given off by the equipment in those rooms is substantial, then the cooling load (size of the air conditioner required) is approximately equal to the quantity of heat given off by the equipment in the room.
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    Thanks Russ

    I think this is a complex problem as the rooms have to be ventilated.
    the equiptment used to keep the rooms at 10c work ok until the outside
    temp gets to around 20c, our cooling equiptment can be adjusted to a
    lower temp, but that results in the evaps freezing up, which means more
    defrost cycles and lower overall efficency.
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