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Automotive Cooling of suzuki 800cc engine

  1. Feb 25, 2012 #1
    I want to use 2 radiators instead of a single radiator for cooling a maruti suzuki 800cc engine. The reason??? we are participating in SUPRASAE 2012 and our space for the radiator is limited(we cant accommodate the 300*335 mm radiators but we can accommodate two radiators within 200*300 mm). Can anyone please suggest???
    Heat dissipation by the original radiator = 45.126 kW
    Flow rate of coolant= 0.922 kg/s
    Velocity of the coolant = 0.8 m/s
    We were thinking of 2 kawasaki ninja 250R radiators each with a heat dissipation capacity of approx. 23 kW.
    Also if 2 radiators are used, should they be in series or parallel???
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    i am too stuck in a similar situation..have u arrived at any conclusion yet?
    & how did u decide the specification u stated..like the heat dissipation rate, coolant flow rate, speed..???:confused::confused:
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