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Cooling several rods by counterpropagating airflow

  1. Aug 10, 2012 #1
    Hi, due to the fact that its not my daily work, I how someone could help me to find a startingpoint, how to solve my problem:
    I want to cool down in a revolver like setup let me say 8 or more cylindrical rods in a continous way by a counterpropagating airflow. the setup is shown in the attached picture. on the first position the rod (diam 20x200mm) will be heated up in some seconds from 300K to 600K (absorbing about 50 KJ) the rod then changes to the colling trail and will be replaced by a new, cool (300K) one, that will be heated up exchanged etc. to simplify the math approach I think it should be possible to linearize the setup as shown on the right side of the picture. so at t0 all rod have 300k, then the 1. one will be use and heated up. My interest is now how to calculate how long it would take to achive that the first rod used will be at 300k when it reaches the heat-up position again, depending on airflow speed, barrel diameter, and # of rods.
    it would be nice if I could get some advise how to setup the differential system, cause I'm not that experienced in this domaine. It's not that easy than to use forced convection with a single rod... hopefully theres someone who is more experienced!

    TIA and regs

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