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Cooling System

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    I am looking to create a cooling system for my xbox 360, what I intend to do is have 4 fans in a set up underneath the console and once it becomes above room temperature the fans switch on and then once it drops to, or below room temperature the fans turn off.
    I understand for this I will need to use a thermistor and some form of automatic swtich, but I was wondering if anybody could share some knowledge as to what exactly I will need and how to set up the circuit?

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    Probably wouldn't bother with the thermostat.
    The xbox is going to have roughly constant power output so for a given room temperature it will always need the same amount of cooling.
    The only difference you might see is needing more fans in summer, less in winter - depending on how the weather changes where you live - and how much heating/AC you have in the house.
    I would probably stick a fish tank style thermometer strip in the case and have a switch that let me turn on one/two/all the fans.
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