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Cooper Union's ME program

  1. Jun 18, 2009 #1
    Is anyone familiar with the mech. eng. program at Cooper Union? Any idea on where the program ranks amongst US engineering schools?
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    I started college there as an EE major many years ago.
    After three semesters, however, I decided that I really wanted to be a physics major... and so I left.

    It's hard to beat the cost of "tuition".
    At the time, there weren't any dorms.... so, I commuted by subway from my grandparents' home. I'm not sure how expensive it is to live the dorms.

    At the time I was there, I think Cooper had a good reputation in engineering in the New York City area... but I wasn't sure about "beyond NYC".

    Some interesting reading:
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    my friend went to the art program there. dorming is free for the first year and after that you have to fend for yourself. expect rent to be about 700$ where ever you go.

    from what i've heard/seen cooper union is one of the best non phd granting institutions in the country. it ranks up there with rose hullman and harvey mudd. no matter what the rankings say you will get a phenomenal education there. their students go on to ivy leagues all the time. my friend's friend is going to harvard for a masters in urban planning even though she studied photography at cooper.

    go there. it's an amazing opportunity.
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