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Homework Help: Coordinate Geometry II TRIANGLES

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    The question is in the attached picture.

    i can't seem to find a relevant formula and when i do i can't get a suitable answer, if some one can help, i'll highly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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    a) It wants the equation of SD, as it looks to me...
    You see that it hits D right in the middle of AC, so find the midpoint of AC.
    Then, you have the co-ordinate S(0,-2) and that midpoint, do y-y1 = m(x-x1)

    b) ... Should be x - y = -2 according to the graph given.

    c) ...the co-ordinates are already given?

    d) Similar method to a)

    e) Pretty much find the distance between each of these points and S and prove that to be the radius of the circle. (radius should be square root 40)
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