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Homework Help: Copper ions + CuIIClsub2AL

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    We just did a lab in chemistry. My question is in regards to what chemically happened in the lab. this is what happened macroscopically:

    1.) Copper Chloride Dihydrate is put into water.
    2.) One aluminum ball (regular Al that u can get in stores) is put inside this mixuture (1) after it is mixed.

    after 1 has been mixed, it becomes a bluish green color and continues to get darker.
    after number 2, the Al sort of causes the mixture to boil and it slowly becomes disintegrated. There are tiny parts of it at the bottom of the mixture.

    My teacher says that there were copper ions.
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    "boiling" are you sure this is not the production of gas?

    What do you suppose that the precipitate is at the bottom of the mixture?

    try referring to your lab manual for additional hints, I'm sure that there is enough information.
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