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Cops bust doughnut ring!

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    You just can't make this stuff up.

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    Doughnuts are a long way from the spears of Sparta. Then again, they'd make a tasty decoration when skewered by the spears.
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    That kind of thing is a field day for journalists. :biggrin:
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    Funny! Every time I think of doughnuts and consulting work, I think back on the times that I'd show up in the guard-house or control rooms of a mill that I was consulting for in south Georgia. So many times, there were doughnuts out and available, thanks to sales-people, consultants, etc. All through the summer season, I'd go in to work just a bit late, so I could stop at a peach orchard near Dothan and pick up bags of fresh tree-ripened peaches. Those never lasted more than a minute!! The ones that didn't get grabbed for immediate consumption were stuffed into lunch-boxes, etc for later. It was odd. My wife asked me why were the workers so excited about the fresh peaches when they lived right there in peach-growing country, and I couldn't give her a good answer. If I brought in a couple of boxes of doughnuts, some might still be there by lunch-time. Not so for the peaches - they would be gone.
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    Never mess with a cop's donuts.
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