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Copying DVD

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    Yes, I know what you're thinking, "It's illegal."

    It is however positively for my own use.

    Plus, I spent bundles on this DVD-RW. I plan on using it.

    Unfortunately the DVD I want to copy is "protected." Is there anyway I can still copy it? I'm not going to sell it or anything, I just want to test my DVD-RW.

    I'm using RECORDNOW! Which came with Windows XP.
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    Try finding some software called DVD X Copy.

    Here company's site:


    Unfortunetly, a recent court judgement ruled the software illegal, but the company is in the process of trying to get that ruling overturned. I think it is perfectly legal to make backups of your own media.
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    I'm a Canadian citizen. I don't think those laws apply to me.

    I tried http://www.doom9.org.

    There instructions were horribly written. I encrypted the movie to my HD. Then I found out at the end that I was suppose to change the mode to IHO (or something like that), as opposed to the default (file).

    Cheez, that's why I dislike most online guides/tutorials. Most of the writers have no idea what they are doing skipping steps, or making it unclear for newbies like me.

    I just checked the site. The software costs $149? Is there any free software out there?
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    Yes there's a free software. It's pretty good and it works. This is a similar program that DVD X copy charges you for $150+

    You will need to decrypt the files before you can do anything. So have at least 10 gb of free hard drive space for one movie.
    You can get the programs DVD Decrypt and DVD Shrink from the link provided. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully.

    Link Here
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