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Medical Cord blood

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    My wife is due by the end of August, and we plan to collect the cord blood.

    I was wondering what happens to our cord blood, if the cord blood bank goes bankrupt in the future?
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    These things are bundled and sold as a package to the larger cord blood banks who then repackage them and sell derivatives based on futures swaps and exchange traded funds. A string of bad earnings reports could result in a post-partum recession and blood in the streets. Your best bet is to stuff the thing in your mattress.
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    google to the rescue

    http://parentsguidecordblood.org/content/usa/banklists/questionnaire.shtml [Broken]

    Seems to be case by case depending on the bank's existing contracts
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    Thanks for the info. I need to look at the contract now.


    I envy ur sense of humor
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    No, the mattress thing won't work. I'm already using the mattress as my sperm bank.
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