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Cordless phones

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    ho do u taap cordless phones?
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    I'm not sure this is appropriate for the forum, so please delete if not.

    There are 4 main approaches:
    1) Pick up another phone on the same line.
    2) Insert a "bug" into the phone that can transmit.
    3) Get a radio that can receive on the same frequency that the phone operates at, but they're mostly scrambled/coded now-a-days so this doesn't work very often.
    4) Tap into the phone system and intercept the call as it goes through.
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    Traditional wiretaps, such as microphones hidden in walls and "bugs" planted on telephone lines, account for about one-third of all surveillance devices, according to an annual wiretap survey released Tuesday by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

    New technology helped simplify the process of tapping cell phones. Increasingly, cell phone tappers listen in at central switching stations as calls are relayed to other cellular or hard-wired phones. Police also use "trigger fish," devices that can pluck cell calls out of the air but must be used near the caller.

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