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Core Drop

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    As previously described,* might one drop a 10x10x10 ft cement cube at 15-20 ft from Gulf of Mexico oil/gas conduit. The intent is to seal up such conduit extending down ~1000 ft below sediment surface. The non-compressible fluid collapsing and sealing soft metal casing and compressible gaseous fluid interior. What might be the velocity of such core drop; and might it extend even through the formation? Might this constitute a simulation for ANY core drop, such as for iron inner core of planetesimal hitting proto-earth? Likewise for final core drop of coalescing black holes? Scaling up of mass would not seem relevant for such core drops. Thus might the velocity of core drop be ~700+ mph for say 2 seconds for at 2000 ft water depth?


    Make 10 ft sided cubic block (1000 cu ft) of concrete on platform. Then drop such block 2000 ft (10 secs?), which might penetrate 1000 ft(?) into water soaked sediments. Drop it slightly off target, so that sub-mud surface conduit collapses shut. Water is non-compressible fluid, whereas gas in conduit is a compressible fluid. So the cubic block would push muck over into conduit, collapsing it.
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    What exactly is your question?

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