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Core signal segment signal

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    Hello all,
    lets think we have a segmented gamma-ray detector. when a gamma-ray interacts several segment of the detector, it deposits energies in each of them.
    And we can get a energy spectrum due to this gamma-ray. is the signal from core of the detector or from segments?
    what is the meaning of the "core signal" and "segment signals"? what is the difference between them?

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    A segmented gamma ray detector is usually formed with alternating layers of iron or lead and layers of detector (scintillator or multiwire ionization chambers). Gamma rays convert to electromagnetic showers (showers of photons, electrons, and positrons) in the iron or lead, and the scintillators or multiwire chambers detect the signal produced by the ionization of the electromagnetic shower. There is no signal detected in the iron or lead segments.
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