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Coriander's Introduction

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    Hey! I am just here primarily for assistance with understanding physics topics for my class and masteringPhysics. I also plan on commiserating with other people who have to use this obtuse system for homework.
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    I assume you mean our homework template by the remark above. Let me tell you my point of view.

    The homework section isn't the penalty box!
    And the usage of our template isn't the time off ice!

    The (automatically inserted) homework template help us a lot, and even if you did not recognize, yourself as well. It demands a structured problem description (sec.1), formulas to be used (sec.2), which normally summarizes very well, which kind of theory is applicable, e.g. Newtonian acceleration or relativistic equations, and the most challenged one: section 3 (own contribution). I guess this is why many consider the homework section as a kind of punishment. It is not and actually this section is very important to us. Here are some reasons, what section 3 tells us:
    (I'm sure I've forgotten a few, since there are so many.)
    • Which theory to be applied.
    • Which formulas matter.
    • Where the OP got stuck.
    • What the OP thinks, in terms of eventually false roads or methods.
    • Whether they want to learn something or just drop by on their internet research for fast answers.
    • Which language to use, i.e. how scientific it may be.
    • It gives the entire dialog meaning, such that other readers can benefit from it, without taking part in.
    • Whether there are basic misconceptions in the field, on potentially previous lessons.
    • Believe it or not: we usually don't know an OP's age, and a few lines of their own helps a lot to address the OP's needs appropriately.
    • Many tutors read especially the homework sections and are often a better choice than a college professor.
    • The chances for a problem specific answer are higher which is to the OP's benefit.
    • In cases of "This is not homework" it is even more, not less important, because it means there are no other conditions known, which usually can be assumed by our experience and knowledge of curricula.

    All these information can be better assessed by us, if we can read section 3. Again, it's neither punishment nor meant to annoy. It is simply a big help in a communication (written) which otherwise (personal) would include about 90% non verbal information. So, assuming you are interested in getting help on the issue and do not follow any hidden other goals: So what?

    So welcome again and I hope you'll have a lot of fun. It's worth the trouble with the template :wink:
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