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Cornell Math

  1. Apr 12, 2013 #1
    I'm seriously considering Cornell for an undergraduate in mathematics. Can anyone share their experience (grad or undergrad)? Really any and all information would be useful.
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    I'm a double major at Cornell, Math and Engineering Physics, though my main focus is really the math. I've really enjoyed the math program here. Of course, every once in a while you get a boring prof. teaching a class, but overall I found the material to be really interesting, and the department itself is rather flexible with math majors. I'm a senior now and am going to a top grad school in applied math, so the program is definitely competitive. It would help to know more about yourself; are you considering grad school? What other programs have you gotten into? Also any other specific questions would be good.
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    I myself have been considering Cornell (for math). I have a friend who goes to Cornell (for physics) and has loved the math courses that he has taken. Actually, I heard nothing but positive things about his experience at Cornell in general. He said that he has had a lot of opportunities to get involved with research and work with professors outside of the classroom. He doesn't like the cold, though :-)
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    I'm definitely considering grad school, and my goal is to do a PhD in math/applied math. I've gotten into Hopkins, IU, Purdue, and NYU. So Cornell seems like the highest ranked (maybe NYU for Courant), so I'm almost surely going there.

    This is kinda general: How did Cornell prepare you for graduate admissions?

    My background and interests are mostly in algebra. Is involvement in algebra research accessible?

    Is there a class/group/seminar for Putnam preparation? I didn't find it on the website and I forgot to ask when I was visiting yesterday.
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    Great to hear that, thanks!
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