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Cornell or Yale?

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    I have fortunately been accepted to both Cornell and Yale's applied physics PhD programs. They are my top contenders right now and I am trying to decide between the two. I will visit both schools. But at the moment, I would really appreciate your opinion on these two schools. My interest is in solid state/quantum devices.

    Yale is extremely strong in quantum computing which is what interests me the most at the moment. Although this interest is very strong, it is almost a whim, a result of reading a few articles on a lazy summer day. I have done research in condensed matter but absolutely nothing related to anything close to solid state quantum computing. I don't know if I am justified in worrying that If I lost interest in quantum computing, Yale would not be able to provide me with as many good backup choices as Cornell would. On the other hand, Cornell has a strong presence in many areas that I am interested in, but not the area I am most interested in currently. Also I feel that New Haven might have a little more to offer than Ithaca in terms of social life?
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    Dude you lucky bastard lol

    I am going to choose Yale over Cornell personally
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    On the social side, I'd say the locations are probably about equal. Ithaca was a decent college town last I checked, and New Haven really doesn't have a ton to offer. I lived near Hartford through college, and I can say that the only time I ever went to New Haven was to visit friends at Yale or for sports. Having said that, it has its spots if you're a local. Yale and Cornell are both decent sized schools, so you'll have plenty of other grad students around either way.

    I'm not familiar with the physics departments at either school. My college roommate had the same decision for EE and he went for Cornell and is happy with that choice... but those are totally different departments :tongue:.
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    yale, cornell???

    where'd you do undergrad?
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