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Corona, Arc, and Spark

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    There are tons of different explanation for each of them in internet. Could someone please confrim the explanation below which I gathered from different places;

    If the electrical field in a fluid reaches the fluids dielectrical strenght, dielectric collapses and corona happens, but since the fluid adjust its charge distrubition so quickly, corona lasts for miliseconds only. If corona can find a way to last longer because of a source, than we call the long lasting corona as an arc. If the electrical field isn't enough to feed the corona until its last point, than the corona is finished in the fluid and we call it as a spark.

    Thanks for the answers and please ask what I meant if you don't understand because of my english
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    These are descriptive terms; corona means crown - you see a discharge glow all across a surface. An arc is a dfinite bright line connecting two points, though the arc may be moving on one or both surfaces. A spark is a bright point of light, perhaps a brief arc.
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