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Correct Citing & Referencing

  1. May 16, 2007 #1
    I am starting this thread because I have some doubts.

    Currently, I am writing a Master's thesis, for which I am going to apply electrical impedance spectroscopy on woody material.

    1) Everything that has been written about this specific subject was done by one specific author. In order to explain the theory behind the method I could copy paste big parts from his work, but that would be plagiarism. How to deal with this? No need to invent the wheel twice right? but, but, but...

    2) For a general introduction regarding impedance, I picked some information from e.g. Wikipedia or some other encyclopedia. All of these are widely excepted theories, so I don't need to mention the source, right?

    Thanks for reading, hopefully you can provide me with some general guidelines.
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