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Corrected exercises

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    I'm studying algorithmic on "Introduction to algorithms" by Cormen, Rivest, Stein and Leiserson.
    This book is very well done and proposes more than a thousand exercises, but the point is these exercises are not corrected. It enables us to really search them, but it is frustrating when you search an exercise and don't find it.

    I found some corrections on the Internet, but few of them only.

    Would anyone know whether it is possible to have more corrections please?

    thank you
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    by corrections you mean solutions right?

    Because sometimes books do provide solutions to exercises at end the book but often the solutions are not entirely correct and so online you might find errata pages for the book submitted by knowledgeable readers that indicate where the book solution was wrong and what the correction you need to make to the book's solution to make it correct.

    wikipedia has a reference to this book:


    and to the MIT Press website where select solutions are published


    for those missing solutions, I think you'll just have to GOOGLE search them or better yet figure them out
    for yourself.

    Unless of course you're an instructor and can get access to the instructors manual or hire
    a poor grad student pay him minimally and/or provide free snacks and he'll figure them out for you.
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    I think I'm gone pay myself snacks then !! ;)
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