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Correlating experimental VLE data

  1. Jan 2, 2017 #1

    the system is alcohol and water + pH-buffer that is supposed to alter the volatility of the mixture and I need to correlate the experimental data (x1,y1,T measured at constant P).

    Question: Can I use binary models like margules, van Laar and NRTL to correlate the data and see if the models represent the experimental values correctly or do I need to treat this system as ternary?

    If I need to treat it as ternary I dont know which model to use and how to use it because all the models I found are ment for a mixture of three liquids. I also found the eleyctrolyte-NRTL model but I am fairly certain that I will not find the literature parameter required for the pH-buffer that I am using.

    any help would be appreciated
    kind regards
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