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Corrosive Drywall From China

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    They got us again. The drywall contains sulfur or sulfur compounds.

    http://www.constructiondigital.com/MarketSector/Construction-Equipment-and-Materials/Report--Use-of-toxic-Chinese-drywall-rampant_18759.aspx [Broken]

    Originally reported as being used primarily in Florida and California, this link indicates more widespread distribution.

    There are a number of class action law suits filed by owners and builders.
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    If one buys cheap/inexpensive, low quality imports, one is at risk.

    Buy domestically produced goods from companies that adhere to quality standards (ASTM).
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    "You get what you pay for"
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    This wasn't a case of individuals making a bad choice on a product purchase.

    It was the home builders who were buying it. The new home buyers got stuck with it.

    The only way to solve the problem is to rip out all of the drywall and replace it. Buyers are suing builders and the builders are trying to sue the Chinese companies who manufactured the dry wall. No one really knows how extensive the problem is.

    Florida due to it's high humidity noticed the problem first.

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    For the home builders, IMO unless there has been a breach of building regulations governing the composition of dry wall or the Chinese manufacturers did not provide materials to the home builders specs then I'd think this will simply fall into the category of Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware).

    The home owner may have recourse against the home builder but in the US the statute of limitations for contract law is a maximum of 4 years. This is from when the breach happened, ie delivery, not from when the breach was found. In some parts of Europe this warranty is extended to 10 years in the case of property purchases. I don't know if the US makes similar exceptions.
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    I'm a bit surprised it's profitable to import drywall.
    You'd think that for such a cheap product which is comparatively bulky, the transport costs would add significant overhead.
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    The U.S has very poor protection for home buyers.

    Some of the big home builders don't even buy the materials that go into a new home, nor do they have construction workers. They subcontract everything out. A concrete company pours the slab, a framing company builds the structure, then another company applies the siding or stucco.

    Next the roofers, electricians ,drywall , flooring, plumbers, and AC contractors arrive in sequence. The builder just coordinates the subs. Each sub buys his materials from a wholesaler.
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